Grant Hill Thinks People Hate Duke Because of All the “really good white players”

Your thoughts?

The Big Lead

Grant Hill

In an interview with Reese Waters of Bleacher Report, Grant Hill  has his theory as to why Duke is so hated by some: “We’ve had a lot of really good white players, I think that plays a role.”

He also notes how most of the fans in the stands are white, calling it “white on white hate.” Jalen Rose, a couple of years ago, had a different interpretation of why he hated Duke.

I’m sure Grant Hill is right though. No one is hating on Duke this year. Well, unless they just despise the tenth Plumlee getting less than nine minutes a game.

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Mobile Jobs

The Mobile Industry is transforming the way that people communicate, shop, work, and seek information. The Mobile Industry has allowed us to accomplish many things on the go while staying efficient. For every mobile job (Programmer, Developer, or Entrepreneur) there are 3 other jobs created. Those jobs would be in marketing, sales, advertising, or customer service oriented positions. These multiplier jobs of the mobile industry allow for people to work from home, at coffee shops, or on the go. This flexibility also allows people to set their own schedules, make as much as they want, work as independent contractors thereby taking advantage of the tax benefits of being self-employed, and/or perform work for several companies. A lot of companies are taking advantage of this technology that allows them to streamline their operations and outsource services to save money on office space, human resources, and infrastructure.
The Mobile industry allows people to cash in on the Mobile Industry, directly or indirectly, and sometimes make more money based on productivity. There is the traditional phone service which can be used for inbound and outbound calls, sales, direct sales, and telemarketing. There are text messaging services and text blasts that can be used to draw leads to convert to referrals or sales. Mobile apps serve many purposes. There are apps that allow people to buy, sell, and communicate with various markets and advertise. There are social media websites that can be downloaded as mobile apps as well to give people better access too. With the emergence and importance of the service and technology economy, markets matter. Being able to communicate and deliver goods and services to these markets is important. If you have great communication skills, sales skills, or marketing skills and knowledge, then you should be taking advantage of the opportunity to work full-time or part-time from your mobile device.
There are part-time or full-time mobile jobs that you can do from your home or work. Mobile jobs are on the rise and will continue to grow as a means to help companies become more lean, profitable, and efficient. There are also many opportunities for those seeking to make a little bit of extra money or to start their own business that they can run from their phone (mobile jobs.) Some people even take advantage of affiliate opportunities to market and sell companies goods or services. One company that I work with is Wake Up Now. Wake Up Now is a financial services company that provides software solutions to help people save, manage, and increase their household income to pay off debt ( Most of their products are web based, which allows someone to connect with potential customers through social media or by calling by traditional phone. In working with Wake Up Now I have developed a mobile marketing strategy that utilizes text messaging services and social media. This allows me to connect with broader markets to provide more information than I would in traditional networking or word of mouth.
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Greater Access through Mobile Marketing

Greater Access through Mobile Marketing

‘The Mobile Industry will create more millionaires than the internet and World Wide Web.’

I first read the sentence nearly 3 years ago while still researching the mobile industry and which direction to take my business. Since then I have come across and read tons of information that has given substantial support in favor of this sentence. While internet access is still on shaky grounds for reaching low-lying and lower socioeconomic areas, the mobile industry is giving greater access to people everyday. Every time that a smart phone or mobile device is sold, the mobile industry expands and gains another device/customer to entertain. Nowadays the average person has 1-2 devices, and some business people may have up to 3 devices in reach at any given time. What does this mean? I would venture to say that it has given more people greater access to information. Now people are able to Google information on ANY topic (or any other search engine) purchase an eBook, access a discussion board or platform, or by asking a question on any social media outlet. Information may come from a professional source, a blog, or a newspaper as well.

Mobile Marketing has also given people the ability to save and manage money with more shopping alternatives and the ability to comparison shop. Companies are able to post information on mobile websites, send push notifications via mobile apps, or send out text messages. One company that we provide mobile marketing services for is called Wake Up Now. They provide customers with online software solutions to save, manage, and make money. Their customers are able to login and shop for deals, get daily freebies and coupons, and even get cash back on some of their purchases. They can also make money when they inform others of their savings or ‘SHARE’ through social media, via text, or through good ‘ol word of mouth marketing by picking up the phone and calling someone. Although there are many different systems available to help people find the best prices, by giving greater access, it is one that is becoming increasingly popular due to their network marketing business model. Ordinary people are now able to find the best deals and make money sharing with their friends and family. What adult with a mobile phone or smart device doesn’t NEED to shop for the best deals? Who doesn’t need to save a few bucks in their pockets?

Urban Appeal Mobile Marketing is currently marketing this system via website ( and through a text message campaign that explains the system and highlights how network marketers and ordinary people are utilizing the system and the access granted to live better lives financially.

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5 Unretouched Beer Labels That Breweries Don’t Want You To See

Literature and Libation

Beer magazines always objectify our brews, display them in unrealistically ideal poses and glassware that are so disconnected from what’s “normal.” These images establish a ridiculous standard of beauty and make us feel bad about the askew labels, slightly rusty caps, and greasy fingerprint smudges of our own beer.

Well I say, “no more!” No more making otherwise happy, healthy beers feel bad about themselves. No more perpetuating an unattainable stereotype of what is “beautiful.” No more faked, Photoshop foolery like we see from Vogue and Disney.

With some clever sleuthing and some help from some insiders (who will remain unnamed for their own safety), I managed to get my hands on some of the raw versions of the images they plaster on the glossy fronts of magazines – before they’re manipulated and edited into unrecognizable fizzy facsimiles

Warning, what you’re about to see might shock you with truth…

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Think Global, Buy Local, Go Mobile

Think Global, Buy Local, Go Mobile!!!

Businesses must have a global perspective when it comes to selling goods and services. However, mobile technology has made our world much smaller. Each mobile device represents a growing market and a 1-on-1 connection with the customer as well as potential customers. Smaller businesses can be just as competitive if not better, by adopting a mobile marketing strategy that says ‘Think Global, Buy Local, Go Mobile!’ What does this mean?

Small businesses are forced to compete with global behemoths with huge budgets. When a lot of small businesses are forced to do more with less and be more competitive with larger businesses they must be very creative. A lot of small businesses may not have the money or the time to wait for circulated newspapers with ads to reach customers. However, a smart mobile marketing strategy can be VERY effective in smaller markets where they rely on close connections and repeat business in order to thrive. ‘Buy Local Initiatives’ are becoming more common in smaller cities with small businesses that thrive off of each other, prosper from jobs, and related economic activity.

The following mobile marketing strategy could be adopted and implemented by a City, a Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Development Authority, or a private party. These are examples of industry related mobile marketing strategies that give people options and can be engaging:

  1. Gyms and health food stores
  2. Stores and boutiques
  3. Restaurants and nightlife


People are able to market, advertise, and communicate through various mobile channels. A text messaging campaign can help attract new customers, engage current customers and help with a ‘call to action’ in a short amount of time.

A mobile optimized website allows for customers to find your small business or to go to other search sites.

A mobile app adds some of the same features in call to action, mobile optimization. However much more details about your customer can be derived from when they download your company’s mobile app. (i.e. How, many downloads, which pages people spend more time on, and what ads they are clicking on, etc.)

How can your company benefit from a ‘Think Global, Buy Local, Go Mobile Strategy?’

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What is Mobile Marketing

What is mobile marketing? It can be defined as marketing on or with a mobile device, such as a mobile phone. It is also the use of mobile devices to distribute any kind of promotional or advertising messages to customers through wireless networks. Mobile marketing can be accomplished through mobile optimized websites, emails, mobile applications, and text messaging.

A mobile optimized website is NOT the same as a regular website and is best leveraged for communication when configured to adjust to the users screen on their mobile device. 79% of smartphone users utiulize their phone to shop. If they can’t access your website, then don’t expect them to shop with you.

Emails are still a common form of communication, especially for confidential information. But the response rate is right around 4%. (Choose wisely)

 A majority of 25-34 year olds now own a smartphone and are more likely to access your company’s information through a mobile application. (That doesn’t mean that older customers should NOT be considered when devising your mobile marketing strategy) When considering whether or not to build a mobile application for your company, one should grossly consider how it makes life better for the CUSTOMER!

The simplest and most underutilized form of mobile marketing is Text Messaging Services. Regardless of the type of phone being used most users are easily accessible through test messaging. 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of being delivered, and they boast a response rate of 20-50%. Your customers are using text messaging, so why aren’t you?

When devising a mobile marketing strategy your company should consider the audience that they are trying to reach, companies goals, and the customer experience. Each mobile phone should be considered a personal connection and interaction. If your company does not have a mobile marketing strategy, then you are losing MONEY!

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Short Introduction to the CEO of Urban Appeal Mobile Marketing

HI! My name is Kenneth Nichols. I am a lifelong entrepreneur and the owner of Urban Appeal Mobile Marketing. I started my first business at the age of 12 years old cutting grass around the small West Michigan town of Baldwin, Michigan. After graduating from Baldwin High School I attended Western Michigan University where I studied several subjects, including business and marketing, but obtained my major. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Africana Studies (2003) and a Masters in Public Administration (2005). I have 10 years of marketing experience in the non-profit sector along with a wealth of experience in customer service, direct and business to business sales.

In 2006 I founded Urban Appeal, LLC as a Real Estate Company. In 2011 while researching methods for streamlining the marketing and communication with prospective tenants utilizing the internet and other available technology, I discovered the possible uses of text messaging and the emerging trend of mobile marketing for other industries. 

Today, Urban Appeal Mobile Marketing is a subsidiary of Urban Appeal, LLC. Our business services assist businesses in the retail, restaurant, entertainment, and service industries with developing Mobile Marketing Strategies. While NOT exclusive to these industries, our services seek to help companies increase foot traffic, business referrals, customer engagement through mobile marketing and social media. Urban Appeal Mobile Marketing provide Text Messaging Services, Mobile Coupons, Mobile Applications, and Affiliate Marketing Services to reach underserved markets. Please visit our site to learn more about our company.